Nursing Tshirt by Daily.
Material: Combed Cotton

As a true blue shopper, I managed to grab one of these and love it to the max. My tshirt has undergone nth time washing, since it is the only nursing tshirt I have at the moment, but it still looking as good as new. No shrinking, no loosening or change of colour. Plus point, it does not require any ironing after laundry.

Note: This nursing tshirt does not come with underlay.

Interestingly, PrettyModesty have a collection of hijabs that would nicely matched with this beautiful purple tshirt.

Top left: PMRT07, PMRS06, PMRS13
Below left: 31S13, PMRS07, 31S14
Note: PMRS13 is size M. For hijabies who prefers longer hijab, you could choose PMHB15 instead.

Tshirt's price = RM50
Hijabs' price = Please refer code and previous entries.

~~**FREE delivery for purchase of this tshirt with a matching hijab shown here**~~


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